Friday, August 29, 2008

Where are we up to?

Who remembered that we were initially meant to send the quilts back to the originators this weekend?! I won't be done in time, although a few weeks should do it. Where is everyone else up to? I thought it might be nice to send them on their final journey at the same time and open them together? I can't wait to see how they've all turned out! Or, are we going to keep them secret until we've completely finished them?


Austy's Mum said...

I think it weould be a fantastic idea to send them all home to arrive by a certain date for opening all together. Lots of fun that way and since there are only 4 of us it should be easy to control. Although I'd love to see them all finished, I'm not sure I could wait that long to see how the tops all turned out ;) Plus I may have my hands full getting baby stuff organised and finishing Austy's room decos that I might hold the team back in finishing my quilt. I'm still waiting for the last quilt top to arrive for me to start my round so I certainly won't make this week's deadline.

Helen said...

Its a lovely idea but...... it could be awhile before we all get to do it. I have Emma's top back here with me, I'm redoing it. So another week here then back to AJ. Sorry girls. Worth the delay though I hope.