Friday, August 29, 2008

Sparkling Snail Trail!

Now I have to admit, this snail trail block is for Emma's Round Robin. I did a terrible, rushed yucky, embarrassing border back here. I wasn't happy with it and admit I just finished it to get it out the house and that hasn't sat well with me, so I got AJ to post it back to me. All reinspired now and have come up with something much more fitting and worthy of the centre! Even found the matching silvery glittery fabric above which is excatly the same in the points of the centre snowflake.

So sorry girls, I am delaying this a bit but worth the wait hopefully!


Emma said...

I'm happy to wait! (And you're not getting yours back Helen, until you send that on ;) ) Let's reasses where everyone's up to in a few weeks, and just play it by ear?

AJ said...

Sounds Good Emma...I will work on the final border for Joy's quilt in the mean time...but I won't send it yet!

Helen said...

Sounds like a good plan Em. :)