Monday, May 19, 2008

Amazing... I actually did it!

Now I hope you are all safely secured in your seats, and don't fall off when I tell you I have actually completed AJ's border!!! It wasn't that it took me this long to do. It wasn't that I didn't have a clue what to do with it. But instead the bit that challenged me most was the fabrics! Who ever thought buying fabric would be so hard?! Everything I ordered online not only took over a week to get here each time, but also didn't work at all as well as I had hoped it would. So I managed to get Austy up and ready early one Saturday morning to go to a quilt shop I knew had lots of brights... only to find they were almost out, had nothing to suit and were in the process of ordering more. It wouldn't do, so I went back to my old faithful tiny store at the end of my old street, thinking that while they didn't have much, they DID hav at least a few brights. There, all I found was the background colour, and nothing else. So I was back to ordering online. Finally I found another match, but still not enough contrast to the border on its own. Then, last Saturday I rushed Austy through his breakfast again (he is a late riser and a dawdler over getting dressed and eating breaky so it is a challenge to get out before 10am sometimes and the quilt shops all close by lunch time here on Saturdays, and none open on Sundays). We went off to Emma's favourite store (which I think may now be mine too as it's not as far to go now and they have a large range, as well as lovely owners who are happy to PLAY WITH Austy while I fondle fabric!) and at last! I found a few to take home and play with. (I also got some to match Helen's quilt although something tells me her colours would have been easy enough to match online). Austy decided to be an angel and have an afternoon nap after swimming, even though it was brief, and then DH was kind enough to let me neglect him and stitch in the evening. Unfortunately it took another night tonight to get it finished so I didn't get to hand deliver it yesterday, but it will be on it's way Thursday evening (the post office stays open slightly later then).

And the obligatory sneak peaks:

I have not machine appliqued before other than using a close zigzag on kids clothes so the buttonhole stitch was a bit frightening for me. However if I had've done it by hand I don't think Emma would get her turn any time this year! The clear thread made it even more scary and at one point the machine became unthreaded and I felt like I was suddenly tangled in invisible cobweb! In addition, my machine and I are yet to become best friends. I really don't trust her and I don't think she trusts me. I took my foot off and she wouldn't stop sewing!!! So before she did too much damage, I had to switch her off and reset her. Oh my, will we ever see eye to eye?

I hope my ameteur ranking isn't too obvious (not that you can see much as the silver on the fabric makes it hard to focus on the shiny stitching without daylight).