Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi Girls! I have my parcel here ready to post this afternoon. Its going express, so AJ, should be at your house by Monday. I haven't enclosed a little book as discussed for you to write down your thoughts on your part. Instead have enclosed a few sheets of 4 inch square paper each, feel free to write on this and then I thought I'd photograph these, print them out onto fabric and sew them on the back when done! Happy sewing girls, this is when it starts to get exciting!


Emma said...

Well done, Helen! Great idea with the squares of paper. I just had a thought - AJ is posting to Joy - I wonder if she has the new address? I guess Joy's mail will be forwarded anyway?

AJ said...

I haven't posted it yet...thanks Emma....I didn't think of that...posting Wednesday when I have the day off work.