Saturday, March 29, 2008


After a long and hard think about my RR centre I decided to post it to Joy anyway....not totally happy with it but I look at it too long and too close....when you stand back from it it looks good luck girls!!

I've had Helen's centre sitting here for a few weeks now and ideas are creeping into my head...The stripe fabric I picked up a month ago works beautifully with the Red, Black and to search my stash for some more colour!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi Girls! I have my parcel here ready to post this afternoon. Its going express, so AJ, should be at your house by Monday. I haven't enclosed a little book as discussed for you to write down your thoughts on your part. Instead have enclosed a few sheets of 4 inch square paper each, feel free to write on this and then I thought I'd photograph these, print them out onto fabric and sew them on the back when done! Happy sewing girls, this is when it starts to get exciting!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am working on it... I promise!

I feel a bit bad about keeping the rest of the team back, and I know I promised I'd blog a sneak peak last week, but I couldn't believe how bad the jetlag was after coming home. Worse than when I went the other direction. Each night after Austy has gone to bed I have struggled to keep my eyes open and instead of doing anything at the sewing machine, retired to bed with the book I bought at Sydney airport on the way out. I can say I accomplished one thing - I actually read the whole book! The first time I have read a book from start to finish since Austy was born. I felt a bit indulgent, as it isn't really a constructive way to spend my time (I like to do things that give me something to show for the time spent), but I thouroughly enjoyed it.

Back onto the round robin...

I managed to piece together the ocean background on Tuesday night (I didn't go to work on Tuesday so wasn't as knackered since I'd had a big sleep in that day). Then finally got a chance to get it to this point today. I still have quite a bit of hand sewing to go - I was going to machine applique it with invisible thread, that I bought especially for it whilst at that Michiogan quilt shop, but somehow it weezled it's way out of the front pocket of my suitcase (the only one that wasn't locked) and when I got home I realised the zip was open and the reel of thread missing. I haven't had a chance to buy more, so I have decided to hand sew it (I have a good selection of DMC threads from cross stitches I have done in the past) just so I can keep working on it tonight and tomorrow.
I had planned for a whole underwater theme, inspired by the photo above, and bought some bright orange for coral, the purple was for star fish and some different greens for sea weed etc. but once I put the turtles on I realised there wasn't much room for more stuff, and thought it would make it far too busy. So instead these two baby turtles swim peacefully on an uncluttered background. I will use purple thread to do the shell applique so that they stand out some more but the skin will be appliqued in a matching thread. I absolutely love the outer border fabric - something I picked up in the US and thought it would go perfectly with what I had done at that point (the shells and picked the background fabrics and turtle skin fabric). Luckily it does. I accidentally cut a couple of strips slightly too short so will include my leftovers from the strips in case anyone wants to use them in their pieced borders.

I am imagining quilting it with bubbles in the water, tying in the bubble like border. I also have a matching wavy line batik from the US and was going to send it out with the centre for anyone to use but think I'll keep it as it might be a nice binding fabric, tying in the centre with the very edge of the quilt.

I will be hand stitching like a mad woman! Don't want to hold anyone up any longer! Thanks again for including me. :)