Thursday, January 31, 2008


Right, here's what I have so far. I will amend these as needed here:

2008 Round Robin

Participants: Joy, Emma, Helen, AJ

Each time, you will post to the same person. Joy to Emma (may as well save on one post across the country!), Emma to Helen, Helen to AJ, AJ to Joy.

You make your own quilt centre. This should be a block (square, diamond, rectangle) somewhere between 12" and 18" square (or whatever shape).

The centre will set the tone of the quilt in terms of colours, style etc.

Further information about the originator's thoughts, preferences, etc will be recorded in a notbook to travel with the quilt. For example, would you like your centre to finish on-point? Would you mind use of these or other techniques: applique, yoyos, machine or hand embroidery, etc. Do you have a specific finished size or shape in mind?

Each subsequent person will add one or more borders to a width of between 6" and 10".

All fabrics are to be 100% quilters' cotton, and should be pieced using cotton thread. Please wash fabric before use (even if you don't normally!)

Please take care to be as accurate as you can, and follow the originator's requests.

Use a 1/4in seam allowance and press the seams as you go.

Purchasing fabric and other materials is the responsibility of the person sewing (i.e. you buy fabric for the borders you add). However, if the originator wishes, she may choose to send extra of a special or feature fabric for others to use.

As you add your borders, please fill in the notebook with details of fabric (if possible, the design, designer and producer, and the source), blocks, ideas, reasons for choices and anything else she wishes.

The centre should be completed and sent to the next participant by the end of February. After that, you will have 2 months to add each border and send the quilt on its journey.

Sending dates:
Centre - end of February
First border - end of April
First border - end of June
First border - end of August (back to originator)

While we would like to stick to the timtable, we are flexible. If you can't make the date, just say so, and we can make arrangements.

The timetable allows several months at the end of the year for you to finish your own quilt - by adding any borders or embellishments you wish, quilting, binding and attaching the label. Final reveal to be by the end of 2008 (or as soon as they are all done!)

Post the quilt by registered mail. Perhaps we should all buy one posting box at the beginning and send it in that each time? It would need to be big enough for what could be a large quilted top by the end (no batting at least!) and a notebook. We should all have each others' addresses from the Birthday FQ swap?

Post regular updates and peeks here. Peeks shouldn't give too much away!

Feel free to ask the originator questions.

We will all put the same label on our quilts, but with our own name highlighted in some way. We will design these as we go. (Joy, did you want to have a go at this? Where is the discussion we had about labels? We should put it in here.)

Do we want to mention this at all in EB? I am happy to, but keep the majority of it here for completeness.

Comments? Additions? Changes?

BTW, can I subscribe to comments, or can only Joy do that?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone started?

Has anyone started yet? Or are we waiting for the guidelines to be official? I have done a A4 sketch and that is it!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Good Idea Emma...Each of us buying our own journal to send with the quilt would be good...nothing to bulky/heavy for postage costs though!

Thanks Joy for setting up the blog. Off to check out the links now!



Welcome to the Robin's Nest! Thankyou Joy for setting it up; it looks great, and I'm looking forward to checking out the inspiration links you've added.

This might be a better way of communicating rather than email, since Helen's email has issues with bigpond!

I will add the guidelines here once we have agreed on them.

I spent a while browsing for ideas for my centre block last night and now have a few things to work with - only my block ideas don't match the colours I had been thinking of! This week I will buy a nice notebook for my ideas, and to keep with the quilt as it travels across the country.