Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's up!

I hung my RR quilt yesterday...I had to re-arrange the whole wall but they all fit! And I even have one more space for the 2009 EB Doll Quilt Swap!

Finished Size: 37 1/2" x 35" (95.5cms x 89cms)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AJ - Its in the mail!

AJ! Just to publically announce, I posted your RR today, registered and in the same box Emma sent mine in! LOL Hopefully it will arrived just before Christmas.......

Friday, December 12, 2008


Are any of you up for another in 2009? With the same or different guidelines? I've loved doing this!

Helen's RR top finished.

I picked up a registered post parcel this morning from the post office and was very very very excitied to find that my Round Robin quilt top has returned home! And when I opened it I just went ohhhhhhhhhhhh, its stunning! Love it! I couldn't be happier. It turned out quite big, hence the wonky photo above, I couldn't quite get over it to get a straight shot. It sits quite nicely on our queen sized bed, makes me think of adding a bit more to make it a quilt for our bed?

So I did the centre square back in February and then AJ sewed from the stripes to the red dotty fabric. I like the contrast of the deep red with little black watermelon pips fabric in the corners making a cut off triangle. And the dainty little flying geese going round in a circle! It looks great!

Then off to Joy it went. She has done this cool stip weave pattern, I really should become more of a "proper" quilter and learn what these blocks are called! Very effective. In the corners she has used her embrodiary machine to sew some little tulip and cherry motifs, I like how the black and white stripes lead your eye into them.

And then at last it went to Emma's house. Emma's border has really framed the quilt. I love all the white and how she has taken the same buds as the centre square to tie it all in. Its very, very nice.

The other Round Robin quilts are in different stages. Joy's is finished and back at her place too, check it out here. I have AJ's ready to post on Monday and I think Emma's is still at Joy's getting the final touches. A great round robin girls, I'm glad I participated, thanks for organizing it Emma.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


I finished the lastround of Joy's RR a few weeks ago now...but have finally had time to pop to the post office to get it going to her house!! I really hope you like it cause if you don't I'll have it!! Not sure if you are allowed to open it straigt away Joy...Emma, what was decided??

Anyone else posted theirs??
Opps Helen...It's been a month to the day!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I have finished the quilting on AJ's and have the binding to sew on and then down. A week?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Update time girls!

What stage are all the quilts up to? Can you all please give an indication of how long you think it might be before you're ready to return the quilt to it's owner? We've only got just over 2 months left if we want to finish them this year!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Super Quick!

There you go Emma...the quickest turn-around ever on a RR border....arrived at my place late Monday afternoon and it ready to post by 6pm on the Wednesday...which I will do tomorrow.

I liked working with the blues...very calming...execpt when I was cursing it for not working and sitting flat! I quite like the overall affect of the border that added movement to the quit and brought it back to the centre colours...I hope you like it too...when you eventually get to see it!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Quilting AJ's Round Robin.

AJ's top arrived at my place a few weeks ago. Wow! It is stunning, absolutely stunning! I thought what can I add to this? Its already complete! I read in AJ's notes that she was hoping to make it a wall hanging, its the perfect size for that already. So........ I thought, knowing that AJ was so many WIP on the go, how about I sandwich, quilt and bind it? She gave me the thumbs up, so thats my bit of her Round Robin. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

One complete!

I've just completed Helen's round robin border. here's a second peek:
Can everyone else let us know the status of any quilt centres they have right now?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Sparkling Snail Trail!

Now I have to admit, this snail trail block is for Emma's Round Robin. I did a terrible, rushed yucky, embarrassing border back here. I wasn't happy with it and admit I just finished it to get it out the house and that hasn't sat well with me, so I got AJ to post it back to me. All reinspired now and have come up with something much more fitting and worthy of the centre! Even found the matching silvery glittery fabric above which is excatly the same in the points of the centre snowflake.

So sorry girls, I am delaying this a bit but worth the wait hopefully!

Where are we up to?

Who remembered that we were initially meant to send the quilts back to the originators this weekend?! I won't be done in time, although a few weeks should do it. Where is everyone else up to? I thought it might be nice to send them on their final journey at the same time and open them together? I can't wait to see how they've all turned out! Or, are we going to keep them secret until we've completely finished them?

Monday, May 19, 2008

Amazing... I actually did it!

Now I hope you are all safely secured in your seats, and don't fall off when I tell you I have actually completed AJ's border!!! It wasn't that it took me this long to do. It wasn't that I didn't have a clue what to do with it. But instead the bit that challenged me most was the fabrics! Who ever thought buying fabric would be so hard?! Everything I ordered online not only took over a week to get here each time, but also didn't work at all as well as I had hoped it would. So I managed to get Austy up and ready early one Saturday morning to go to a quilt shop I knew had lots of brights... only to find they were almost out, had nothing to suit and were in the process of ordering more. It wouldn't do, so I went back to my old faithful tiny store at the end of my old street, thinking that while they didn't have much, they DID hav at least a few brights. There, all I found was the background colour, and nothing else. So I was back to ordering online. Finally I found another match, but still not enough contrast to the border on its own. Then, last Saturday I rushed Austy through his breakfast again (he is a late riser and a dawdler over getting dressed and eating breaky so it is a challenge to get out before 10am sometimes and the quilt shops all close by lunch time here on Saturdays, and none open on Sundays). We went off to Emma's favourite store (which I think may now be mine too as it's not as far to go now and they have a large range, as well as lovely owners who are happy to PLAY WITH Austy while I fondle fabric!) and at last! I found a few to take home and play with. (I also got some to match Helen's quilt although something tells me her colours would have been easy enough to match online). Austy decided to be an angel and have an afternoon nap after swimming, even though it was brief, and then DH was kind enough to let me neglect him and stitch in the evening. Unfortunately it took another night tonight to get it finished so I didn't get to hand deliver it yesterday, but it will be on it's way Thursday evening (the post office stays open slightly later then).

And the obligatory sneak peaks:

I have not machine appliqued before other than using a close zigzag on kids clothes so the buttonhole stitch was a bit frightening for me. However if I had've done it by hand I don't think Emma would get her turn any time this year! The clear thread made it even more scary and at one point the machine became unthreaded and I felt like I was suddenly tangled in invisible cobweb! In addition, my machine and I are yet to become best friends. I really don't trust her and I don't think she trusts me. I took my foot off and she wouldn't stop sewing!!! So before she did too much damage, I had to switch her off and reset her. Oh my, will we ever see eye to eye?

I hope my ameteur ranking isn't too obvious (not that you can see much as the silver on the fabric makes it hard to focus on the shiny stitching without daylight).

Monday, April 28, 2008

First borders - ready to send?

The nominal date for sending the quilts with their first borders is almost here - who is ready? I know AJ is ahead of the game! Mine is almost ready to go; I just need to write a bit more it the notebook to go with it. I'll try and do that tonight and send it off to Helen tomorrow. I have to confess, looking at it now, the applique doesn't stand out as much as I'd hoped; I think I should have used less green in the background. So I might have created some work for Joy in the quilting stage to help it show up!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fabric I'm not using ???!

I popped into Riverlea Quilts this afternoon, sans kids, to get a couple of batiks/hand dyes for Joy's centre. The first thing Lyn said? "Where are James and Eleanor" ! Eleanor was asleep at hime (with Simon) and James had crashed in the car out the front. I managed to only buy what I needed, and was given plenty of compliments on Joy's work, which I'd taken to match colours. I had to confess it wasn't me, but my friend who had been so clever!
The peek I'm providing is of some of the fabric that won't be going into my border. I've cut lots of triangles (but not all right-angle ones like AJ's) for the block part, which I'm hoping will give a feel of moving water.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's on its way to you Joy!!! Hope you have as much fun with it as I did!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008


I actually came in to see how big we could add the borders....but got side tracked to show you this little sneak peek....I'm loving working with the red, white and black....pity I can't show you is divine!!! (Even if I do say so myself!!)I know....more tiny triangles!!!

Helen you'll be please to note the your centre has DH's saw me working on it and asked when had I finished that...told him it wasn't mine, that you had made it...."That looks great" was his comment!! And I thought he didn't pay attention to what I'm making!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First borders

Hi girls, how are you all going with your first borders?

I have several ideas swimming around (hmm, lihe those turtles!) but they don't really go together, and I'm still undecided. But I do have a selection of fabrics to work with, and need to have a serious play.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


After a long and hard think about my RR centre I decided to post it to Joy anyway....not totally happy with it but I look at it too long and too close....when you stand back from it it looks good luck girls!!

I've had Helen's centre sitting here for a few weeks now and ideas are creeping into my head...The stripe fabric I picked up a month ago works beautifully with the Red, Black and to search my stash for some more colour!!

Friday, March 14, 2008


Hi Girls! I have my parcel here ready to post this afternoon. Its going express, so AJ, should be at your house by Monday. I haven't enclosed a little book as discussed for you to write down your thoughts on your part. Instead have enclosed a few sheets of 4 inch square paper each, feel free to write on this and then I thought I'd photograph these, print them out onto fabric and sew them on the back when done! Happy sewing girls, this is when it starts to get exciting!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am working on it... I promise!

I feel a bit bad about keeping the rest of the team back, and I know I promised I'd blog a sneak peak last week, but I couldn't believe how bad the jetlag was after coming home. Worse than when I went the other direction. Each night after Austy has gone to bed I have struggled to keep my eyes open and instead of doing anything at the sewing machine, retired to bed with the book I bought at Sydney airport on the way out. I can say I accomplished one thing - I actually read the whole book! The first time I have read a book from start to finish since Austy was born. I felt a bit indulgent, as it isn't really a constructive way to spend my time (I like to do things that give me something to show for the time spent), but I thouroughly enjoyed it.

Back onto the round robin...

I managed to piece together the ocean background on Tuesday night (I didn't go to work on Tuesday so wasn't as knackered since I'd had a big sleep in that day). Then finally got a chance to get it to this point today. I still have quite a bit of hand sewing to go - I was going to machine applique it with invisible thread, that I bought especially for it whilst at that Michiogan quilt shop, but somehow it weezled it's way out of the front pocket of my suitcase (the only one that wasn't locked) and when I got home I realised the zip was open and the reel of thread missing. I haven't had a chance to buy more, so I have decided to hand sew it (I have a good selection of DMC threads from cross stitches I have done in the past) just so I can keep working on it tonight and tomorrow.
I had planned for a whole underwater theme, inspired by the photo above, and bought some bright orange for coral, the purple was for star fish and some different greens for sea weed etc. but once I put the turtles on I realised there wasn't much room for more stuff, and thought it would make it far too busy. So instead these two baby turtles swim peacefully on an uncluttered background. I will use purple thread to do the shell applique so that they stand out some more but the skin will be appliqued in a matching thread. I absolutely love the outer border fabric - something I picked up in the US and thought it would go perfectly with what I had done at that point (the shells and picked the background fabrics and turtle skin fabric). Luckily it does. I accidentally cut a couple of strips slightly too short so will include my leftovers from the strips in case anyone wants to use them in their pieced borders.

I am imagining quilting it with bubbles in the water, tying in the bubble like border. I also have a matching wavy line batik from the US and was going to send it out with the centre for anyone to use but think I'll keep it as it might be a nice binding fabric, tying in the centre with the very edge of the quilt.

I will be hand stitching like a mad woman! Don't want to hold anyone up any longer! Thanks again for including me. :)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Helen's RR start...

I have been flicking through mags for inpiration and was struck by the photo above in a copy of American Patchwork and Quilting. Its a quilt by a lady called Kaye England. The inscription read "this large scale, mid 19th century example is typical of the time period. One features a coneflower and the other a pomegrantae." So I used the pomegrantae one as my inspiration. When I sketched it out though it got the Daz thumbs down though as it reminded him of somthing else, maybe something not that appropriate and looking at it, he was right so I changed it into a tulip motif. Went for a red, white and black colour scheme, which is unlike my usual pallett but all the quilts I am ohhhhing and ahhhhhing at the moment have white in them.

I had decided to machine blanket stitch this one, make it look a bit slicker. I'm half way through so far, should get it finished before flying out on Sunday to sunny Sydney!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Your choice, Helen!

I was going to turn this into a square with more background fabric to look rather as it does in the photo, but Helen, it's up to you whether you would like me to leave it as a hexagon for a challenge!
Joy and Helen, do we get a peek at your designing/piecing?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Off to a great start!

OK, by common consensus, the new posting date for the Round Robin centres is Friday 14th March. For now we'll try to stick to the rest of the mailing dates - HA!

I have been up cutting lots more tiny holes in my navy, pale blue and silver fabrics.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Curved Pieces

These are the materials I have come up with...It didn't use much to make the block so now I have to decide how much to send on with the quilt and what to keep back for finishing it off when I get it back...might have to ask the others for their opinions.

And then the fun began...also some unpicking but not too much. I've decided I'm not very good at curved piecing...but I still have lots to do so I might get better....maybe?!?!
Pieces cut out...layed out to see how they look...

In pieces...starting to take shape
The first finished block...

Here are the rest of the pieces cut out ready to join...after this picture was taken, I tried to sew piece number 8 on....I then realised that I'd cut them out backwards....the template must have been flipped over but I didn't realise cause an 8 is an 8 backwards too!! So I had to trace and cut the pale blue circles again...bummer

This is two finished triangles sewen together

It will only work out tobe about 54 where near Emma's tally!!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


That's how many pieces will be in my centre!

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Right, here's what I have so far. I will amend these as needed here:

2008 Round Robin

Participants: Joy, Emma, Helen, AJ

Each time, you will post to the same person. Joy to Emma (may as well save on one post across the country!), Emma to Helen, Helen to AJ, AJ to Joy.

You make your own quilt centre. This should be a block (square, diamond, rectangle) somewhere between 12" and 18" square (or whatever shape).

The centre will set the tone of the quilt in terms of colours, style etc.

Further information about the originator's thoughts, preferences, etc will be recorded in a notbook to travel with the quilt. For example, would you like your centre to finish on-point? Would you mind use of these or other techniques: applique, yoyos, machine or hand embroidery, etc. Do you have a specific finished size or shape in mind?

Each subsequent person will add one or more borders to a width of between 6" and 10".

All fabrics are to be 100% quilters' cotton, and should be pieced using cotton thread. Please wash fabric before use (even if you don't normally!)

Please take care to be as accurate as you can, and follow the originator's requests.

Use a 1/4in seam allowance and press the seams as you go.

Purchasing fabric and other materials is the responsibility of the person sewing (i.e. you buy fabric for the borders you add). However, if the originator wishes, she may choose to send extra of a special or feature fabric for others to use.

As you add your borders, please fill in the notebook with details of fabric (if possible, the design, designer and producer, and the source), blocks, ideas, reasons for choices and anything else she wishes.

The centre should be completed and sent to the next participant by the end of February. After that, you will have 2 months to add each border and send the quilt on its journey.

Sending dates:
Centre - end of February
First border - end of April
First border - end of June
First border - end of August (back to originator)

While we would like to stick to the timtable, we are flexible. If you can't make the date, just say so, and we can make arrangements.

The timetable allows several months at the end of the year for you to finish your own quilt - by adding any borders or embellishments you wish, quilting, binding and attaching the label. Final reveal to be by the end of 2008 (or as soon as they are all done!)

Post the quilt by registered mail. Perhaps we should all buy one posting box at the beginning and send it in that each time? It would need to be big enough for what could be a large quilted top by the end (no batting at least!) and a notebook. We should all have each others' addresses from the Birthday FQ swap?

Post regular updates and peeks here. Peeks shouldn't give too much away!

Feel free to ask the originator questions.

We will all put the same label on our quilts, but with our own name highlighted in some way. We will design these as we go. (Joy, did you want to have a go at this? Where is the discussion we had about labels? We should put it in here.)

Do we want to mention this at all in EB? I am happy to, but keep the majority of it here for completeness.

Comments? Additions? Changes?

BTW, can I subscribe to comments, or can only Joy do that?

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Anyone started?

Has anyone started yet? Or are we waiting for the guidelines to be official? I have done a A4 sketch and that is it!

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Good Idea Emma...Each of us buying our own journal to send with the quilt would be good...nothing to bulky/heavy for postage costs though!

Thanks Joy for setting up the blog. Off to check out the links now!



Welcome to the Robin's Nest! Thankyou Joy for setting it up; it looks great, and I'm looking forward to checking out the inspiration links you've added.

This might be a better way of communicating rather than email, since Helen's email has issues with bigpond!

I will add the guidelines here once we have agreed on them.

I spent a while browsing for ideas for my centre block last night and now have a few things to work with - only my block ideas don't match the colours I had been thinking of! This week I will buy a nice notebook for my ideas, and to keep with the quilt as it travels across the country.